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20220501: change




こちらの作品は、壁掛けです。 裏側にステンレスワイヤーが張ってあり、壁に掛けられるようになっています。 5営業日以内に発送いたします。 size: 50cm × 50cm × 6cm material: FRP This piece is a wall hanging. A stainless steel wire is stretched on the back side of the work so that it can be hung on the wall. We will ship within 5 business days. In Japan, there is a saying, “成住壊空( jou juu e kuu) ”. All phenomena are born, broken, and become formless. This is repeated. I imagine an emptiness that leaves only a sense of existence, and changes from there. This is one-of-a-kind. No additional production available.